Good App for iPhone Update

Good released a minor update to their app for the iPhone.   Release notes are on their site.

Companies that don’t want to use ActiveSync but still feel pressured into making the iPhone an option are looking to Good to do so.  

From the release notes:
• Complete landscape view – Including email list view, calendar, contacts and attachments.
• Conference dialer – quickly and easily dial into a conference bridge without having to memorize the conference pass code.
• Maps integration – quickly find the location of your meeting on a map and even get driving directions.

A change not mentioned is that when I receive a signed message instead of no indication the message is signed, I now get a message:

The sender has digitally signed the message with a personal certificate.  To verify the signature you can read this message on your desktop computer.

I can still read the message on the device, as I could before the update.   Without signature verification, I feel like this update only provides a false sense of message source identity verification.  

Its my understanding that full S/MIME support is on the roadmap.