Authentium Command Antivirus False Positive

Authentium Command Antivirus on Friday detected a handful of Office documents  as MSWord/Dropper.B!camelot.   I ran a couple of the files through VirusTotal and found Authentium was the only company detecting the file as a virus.   In some cases that would be a sign of being on the cutting edge of detection, but in this case its a sign of a false positive. 

Friday, I tried to submit the false positives to Authentium using the instruction on their site but received to reply.   Today I followed up and was told since I wasn’t a customer, they had no interest in fixing their false positive.   I could however report the false positive to Microsoft who would then report it to them.    Going to argue with Authentium support a bit more.

This will be fixed in an update later today.   Frustration relieved.   Probably partially self-inflicted.

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