Unisys and the iPhone

Have you read this Apple profile on Unisys’ use of the iPhone.

“A wide range of aspects give us confidence that iPhone is a secure device.”

Tip Underwood, Vice President of Sales and Management Support

 I wonder if they still have that confidence after reading about the Zdziarski Method.  or PIN bypass.  The PIN bypass may be fixed in version 4.   Then there is the issue of Apple patching haphazardly, for example the desktop Safari gets patched but the phone lags.  Then there is the issue of patch management on a iPhone.  

It worries me.   That’s why we’ve been fighting iPhone ActiveSync for ever and are looking at Good to see if that might be more secure.


  1. I’d be very curious to hear your thoughts, we’ve listened to Good’s sales pitch, but I’m not sold yet.

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