GuardianEdge Windows 7 Looking Back

Like a lot of companies we are trying to go to Windows 7 sooner rather than later. We skipped Vista and XP is starting to seem a bit old. One of the things holding us back is GuardianEdge’s Full Disk Encryption product. Here’s our timeline.

In October 2009 I asked GuardianEdge about Windows 7 support and Windows 7 64 bit support. They said both would available in version 9.5 due out in December 2009.

When GuardianEdge Hard Disk Encryption 9.5 was released (January or February), I found that there was no support for preboot authentication. Without preboot authentication, I think the encryption is pretty worthless. Support tells me 9.5.1 will include preboot authentication and be available in April 2010.

9.5.1 is released and I find it doesn’t work on my Toshiba Portege with windows 7 32 bit installed. I decide this may be a one-off. I’m the only one using the Toshiba so I try it out on a few Dell E6500 computers with Windows XP and Windows 7. This failed miserably. It turns out this was a known issue with Dell E6500 and GuardianEdge was working on a patch.

GEHD 9.5.1 patch 1 came out. While it fixed the assorted problems with the E6500, I now see in the release notes:

There are known issues with GuardianEdge Hard Disk on various configurations of the following Dell computer models
■ Dell E4310
■ Dell E6410
■ Dell E6510
■ Dell E5410, and
■ Dell E5510

Unfortunately the E6410 and the E6510 are two of the three systems listed on our standard configuration page. The third E4300, I suspect would really be the E4310.

GuardianEdge says this will be fixed in September 2010.

I wouldn’t this be surprised if this led to looking at other solutions and revisiting Bitlocker. I wrote about Bitlocker in March. These pretzels are making me thirsty.


    • 9.5.3 came out at the end of September. Tested it on a couple of the models having issues (both xp and win7) and all good so far. I’ve only deployed to the helpdesk group currently. Moving it out to a bigger test group next week.

      Email [email protected] with your service agreement number to get the download link and the password to extract the install files.

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