GPU Bruteforcing

My new computer from Puget Custom Computers arrived via FedEx on Wednesday.  I am very happy with my computer and with the service provided by Puget.   From my first visit to their website to the pictures they sent of my computer prior to shipping, I’d have to say they are first class. 

I purchased the new computer mainly to perform GPU Bruteforcing.   The Graphics Processing Unit on video cards can be used quite effectively for some operations.   Right now I am using InsidePro’s Extreme GPU Bruteforcer to crack some NTLM hashes.   Its humming along at 1406 Million passwords per second.  I’m using 3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 video cards.   In the last computer I used for the same function I had a single Geforce 8800GT that only operated at 320 Million passwords per second.

If my math is right this means it would have taken about 8 days using my old computer to search for a 8 character password consisting of uppers lowers and numbers.   With the new system it would take 1.8 days.

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