BlueCoat Security Briefing

On Wednesday, I went to the BlueCoat Security Briefing at the Tyson’s Corner Marriott. 

The big news for me was that our hardware (SG810-B and SG510-B) which I’d been led to believe was going to end-of-support in November is good for another year.  Even today the end of life matrix says TBD, but typically end of life comes three years after end of sale.   I had only renewed BlueCoat for one year last year based on the end of life information provided by the sales rep.   That’s good news.   If we stick with BlueCoat we’ll be able to get another year of life from this hardware.   I dont anticipate replacing this hardware to be cheap, its good to put that off.  However it does make it a bit tougher to justify leaving BlueCoat because of cost.

There were two briefings.   One by Mark Stanford, Director of Sales Engineering and another by Jeff Barker VP of Technical Marketing.    Technical Marketing.   Hmmm.   Sounds like an oxymoron.  

I plan string out posts about this meeting for a few days rather than engaging in one long post now.