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As I warned, I attended a BlueCoat seminar on Wednesday and I’m getting a few days worth of blog posts from that.

In March of 2009, I blogged that I was testing the BlueCoat ProxyClient.   The ProxyClient provides URL filtering via WebPulse and also attempts to provide acceleration to VPN users and users on slower network sites.   Each feature can be enabled or disabled automatically depending on location.  Last year I had ProxyClient deployed to the IT department for quite a while until it was time to test some HTTP SaaS solutions.  At that point I uninstalled ProxyClient from all computers.   I didn’t return it after I completed my HTTP bake-off.   I only renewed with BlueCoat for one year and didn’t want to roll out something and then switch it only a year out.

Looking at this months desktop virus reports, its pretty clear that a large number of the infections occur while systems are remote.   Outside the facility they currently only have SEP11 as protection.   For a long while I felt that if I was going to offer protection, URL filtering wasn’t good enough.   I needed antivirus.   But from what I wrote about yesterday with WebPulse, I am now thinking this is a significant step up security wise.   Also it doesn’t have the SaaS risk. 

To be sure some of our users might revolt if we put one more security product on “their” desktop.   But I a strong case can be made for deploying ProxyClient.   If you own BlueCoat and you pay for BlueCoat WebFilter, then the ProxyClient is no charge.  At most companies, users are increasingly mobile.   Unless you’ve got some other strong protections (such as only allowing browsing through an always tunnel vpn connection, and also removing local admin rights) I’d take a strong look at adding this protection.


  1. Did you realise the problem with the BlueCoat ProxyClient?

    I post here the mail that I sent to the customer support services and their reply:

    My mail:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I contact with you to notice a security problem that I have and maybe is also a global problem.

    In our business we have the Blue Coat Proxy Client software version, that starts a Windows service related with the executable ProxyClientSvc.exe.

    This application avoid the mobile users to access to any web page. It works well in every situation except in one that I have discovered.

    If I connect to Internet through a 3G USB modem only, the proxy client avoid me from accessing to web pages that are denied by our admin. If I connect through a WIFI AP, the situation is the same. The Proxy Client works perfectly.

    The problem is when I connect the 3G USB Modem and also a Ethernet cable. In this situation, when both interfaces are working, the Proxy Client let me connect to any page and also to any port. In this situation, the Proxy Client is not working properly.

    I think this is a big problem related with your software and, instead of advertise this information through a blog, I have preferred to contact your company directly.

    Please, contact me if you need more information about this problem. Maybe you can try the situation that I have explained in your own labs.


    Thank you for contacting the Bluecoat Customer Care team. We are here to assist you with non technical issues such as BlueTouch Online login requests, licensing, and entitlement.

    It appears you are having a technical issue and need assistance from our Technical Support group. You can contact Bluecoat Technical Support by phone and can also submit a service request through our web portal, BlueTouch Online.

    To better track, respond to, and resolve customer issues we no longer support the reporting of technical issues via email.

    • Its kind of surprising that bluecoat doesn’t have an address to report security issues. Nevertheless not too many security “researchers” are going to be purchasing bluecoat SGs for testing. So people finding issues will have ready access to support. You should be reporting this to support rather than customer service. So customer care is correct in their response.

      i also think that you should be using some method outside of bluecoat to make sure that 3g or wifi cards are disabled whenever the ethernet jack is active.

  2. Was the proxy client issue ever fixed? – we are looking to roll it – but after numerous test kept getting inconsistant results – so may have to look elsewhere

  3. The problem you mentioned about the use of the 3G USB Modem is not a bluecoat proxyclient issue, it is just a user issue since anytime you create a new Internet Connection it is created also in the Internet Explorer connection properties where you have to set your proxy settings as it is configured for LAN access.

    The problem I am having is when using the proxy client with w7 and McAfee HIPS. does anyone had the same problem?

  4. I have issue in bluecoat console access.

    In the Management Console, select Configuration > Services > Proxy Services.
    Under Predefined Service Groups, custom service group tab are showing content.

    can you please some help

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