Thanks for Nothing Google

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of using good passwords because people are trying to bruteforce your email and social networking accounts.  Today I logged into GMail and received a dire red letter message. “your email has been accessed from the United States.”  

  Upon reviewing the Gmail account activity log, I see access to my account from United States (CA) (  An IPWhois wasn’t very helpful , its been registered to Verizon Business/MCI/UUNet.  A google happened to include reverse DNS in the results showing me that resolves to   After verifying that that also resolves to, I recalling using TiVo to watch some Youtube clips the other night.   I used my Google account to log into Youtube from the Tivo.   Mystery solved.

Apparently Google’s GMail tripwire is catching all Google authentications.     Either that TiVo took my Google credentials and logged into GMail as well as youtube.   The timestamp for the authentication doesn’t really line up with when I was watching the Youtube.   Make me wonder if this is as innocent as I’d like to believe.   Google really should differentiate between email access and authentications to other Google services.

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