Pardon Our Dust

I decided to move over to WordPress. 

Currently I’m working on keeping things up and running with a minimum of 404s.  Once all of that is cleared away I’ll be looking for something besides the default theme.

Commenting is set to moderate first time posters.   I don’t know if WordPress is smart enough to recognise old posters.   Once I see that the spam filtering is still ok, I’ll probably loosen that up.


  1. I’ll just leave this here:

    J/K Welcome to WordPress. Let me know if you have any questions, I’ve been using WordPress for a while.

    I’d recommend getting the Akismet and WP-Spam Free plugins to keep your comments from getting too spammed. With those in place, I was able to switch from moderate first time posters, to just post the comments.

    • Hilarious. I dont always expect people to actually read things. Particularly the twitter feed. I think in the end a lot of the WordPress security issues are people not updating and other security issues that occur in hosted environments. I should be ok. I expect I’ll be non-moderating by the end of the week.

      I was using akismet before with movabletype so I activated that plugin first thing. Before I also ran Typepad antispam as well. Then I had a antispam plugin that was downright ancient, but it did stop things. I’ll take a look at Wp-Spam Free and I believe TypePad Antispam is avail for WP. I dont think Akismet does the job by itself.

      Still working on fixing permalinks. I need to figure out how to redirect MT search queries to WP in .htaccess.

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