GuardianEdge 9.51 issues with some Dell

I’ve been doing more testing with GuardianEdge 9.5.1 since my last post on the subject.   A Dell E6500 with Windows 7 64 bit wouldn’t get to the GuardianEdge pre-boot authentication screen.  I attributed that to issues specific to Windows 7 64 bit and possibly a OEM drive partition.   So I went ahead and tried to upgrade a Windows XP computer from GEHD 8.7 to 9.5.1.   It had the same issues.  I called support and apparently I didn’t get a memo they tried to send out to everyone who downloaded 9.5.1.

Since its release, we have confirmed reports of error conditions when the Hard Disk client v9.5.1 is installed or upgraded on a specific set of machines. 

The following machines are affected:

•     Dell E series ( excluding E6400 )
•     Dell M Series ( excluding M6500 )
•     Dell D830
•     Dell XT
•     Dell XT2

GuardianEdge is committed to releasing a software update that will address these machine-specific issues in the next few weeks and will inform you as soon as the update is available. We strongly recommend that you do not deploy the Hard Disk client v9.5.1 to these machines until this update is released.

Once again, things that could have been brought to my attention yesterday. 




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  2. I had the same issue. My screen would stick to a black flashing cursor. I went in the BIOs and made the Hard Drive the only thing allowed to boot from at start up. I unchecked everything else. Apparently this allowed GuardianEdge to start and I could login. It started in 9.5.0 I couldn’t figure it out until now haha.

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  4. it is happening on panasonics(cf-f8) and e6400(dells)(when starting up it stall and never comes up..etc. i have had previous version of guardianedge software on those devices and it bombs out and hangs at startups( i am reimaging those device and reversing back to 9.4.1…

  5. i tried to contract guardianedge and it is apparent that they have a lockdown on the support(software)and want to get paid for the support of their own software issues.this is a new game and i have to learn how to write software and get paid for the problems people have with it(neat trick or treat etc…)//do any body have the patch or solution etc,,,,,,,…to guardianedge 9.5.1(window xp) startup issues or how can i get pass the startup to remove guardianedge and reverse back to 9.4.1 etc….

  6. When uninstall GuardianEdge 9.4, I uninstall the hard disk fine. Then when I went to uninstall framework client, I receive the error delete registry keys-failed. I can not get GuardianEdge of the computer, I really do not want to re-image it. Dell Latitde 4300

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