GuardianEdge 9.5.1 Patch 1

GuardianEdge 9.5.1 patch 1 was released to address the Dell issues that I previously wrote about.

Support provided client installer packages so I could quickly see if this also fixed the issue I had with the Toshiba (sadly it did not).   Not sure if I’m going to get a chance to verify this patch resolves the Dell issue this week.   It is good news that this patch is out so quickly.   We need GEHD  9.5.1 working for our Windows 7 testing to progress.

I’ve tested with one Dell and Windows 7 32 bit.   patch 1 solved the original problem in that the computer now successfully boots when it has been shut down.   However when it is restarted it comes up with 5 dots on the screen after GuardianEdge authentication and goes no further.


  1. Hello,
    I have a quick question for you and Guardian Edge 9.5.1 patch1. I have just started working with GEHD 9.5.1p1 on brand new HP Laptop with windows 7 and I am running into and issue were the install goes perfectly fine and I can register the administrator account fine. I can reboot, I get the pre-boot screen and can log into windows as admin just fine. Hard Drive is fully encrypted at this point, if I log off as admin and try to logon as another user so I can register them I get an error something to the effect of Windows 7 can log me in.. I cant remember the exact error message, but its not a domain validation thing, it more like guardian edge has disable the logon service for new users. I have tried local account, user account that have already logged on. I have reimaged with a clean fresh from disk image?? I am at a loss here, GE support says they have never seen this issue and it either my install of windows 7 or my domain has a problem…

    Can anyone help ??

  2. Update, Here is the exact windows 7 error:

    “The User Profile Service failed the logon. The User Profile cannot be loaded”

    I have researched the error and it looks like its a profile issue, but I can believe that as the issue effect users
    that have never logged in before..


    • We haven’t moved on to using Windows 7 very much so I haven’t run into that exact error. In general when I think of user profiles not loading I think of ntuser.dat being locked by a process. Usually a security product. Microsoft (sysinternals) processmon can identify which process has a file locked. However you’d have to google how to make it start at boot if you can’t see it locked after logging in. I’ll leave it to you to google exactly how to do that.

      This thread indicates it could be UAC. But then people always blame UAC. couldn’t hurt to try disabling UAC reboot, login, reenable UAC. That doesn’t exactly help if this is a widespread problem instead of a one off.

      This Vista KB doesn’t directly apply, but it does make me think, what if your default user profile is mangled on your ghost image. Then that KB might relate. Has to do with a profile list in the registry.

      Hope that gives you a few ideas.

  3. You are awesome, The UAC was the issue. I am guessing that UAC was hanging with Guardian Edge on New profile creation…

    You are the MAN !!!!

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