50 Percent of Enterprise XP running SP2

According to Qualys, 50% of enterprise Windows XP computers are still running Service Pack 2. This was reported by Byron Acohido in a USA Today article.
This matters because MIcosoft will stop providing security patches for computers with this service pack in July. If you’re running XP, you must have service pack 3 to continue to get Operating System and IE patches.
These issues don’t just occur with operating systems. You need to keep your Office applications and other MS apps up to date on their service pack or eventually you’ll find yourself not getting updates. For home users, Windows Update will take care of that. But in a corporate environment where updates are managed, the patch admin might not “approve” all needed service packs. If you dont have a secondary method of checking for patches (e.g. a Qualys) you wont know you’re out of date. An individual in a corporate environment could run Windows Update (select the options to go against the Microsoft server rather than the internal server) or run MBSA. Even if you dont tell MBSA to run using Microsoft’s server, it will tell you if a patch isn’t approved by your administrator.
The end of life for Windows 2000 (all versions) and Windows XP prior to SP3 has been out there for a while. I’ve been using Forescout to find people running old service packs so we’ve caught everyone up on XP and Vista service packs. Windows 2000 has been hanging on on a couple of servers. An upgrade this weekend should take care of one of those.