Symantec buys PGP and GuardianEdge

I’ve been waiting for Symantec to buy GuardianEdge ever since they started selling a rebranded GuardianEdge encryption product. It seems every other endpoint security company bought a dancing partner over the past year or two and Symantec was merely renting.
When Symantec bought MessageLabs, I was very concerned. I like MessageLabs and was afraid of what Symantec would do to it. When Symantec bought IMLogic, I felt the technical support and the product vision totally went in the crapper. Fortunately MessageLabs had a strong position to prevent that from happening to them as well.
Regular readers of my blog will know I’ve had a lot of issues with GuardianEdge support over the years. At this point I don’t know if GuardianEdge support will be internalized by Symantec or remain as a separate team. Either way it can only get better.
I’m wondering what it means that they bought both PGP and GuardianEdge. It seems kind of redundant. PGP adds secure email. But I’m not sure what else. Not sure if PGP already has the mobile encryption that GuardianEdge currently licenses from TrustDigital.
I would expect that by the time of our next renewal encryption will be an option for a Symantec Endpoint Suite and our overall dollar spent will go down. I expect this purchase to be a good thing.