SEP 11.0.6

Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0.6 is available on fileconnect. The release notes are here.
Release Highlights

•”Symantec Protection Center v1.0″ introduces a centralized management console with single sign-on to integrated Symantec applications including Endpoint Protection, Brightmail Gateway, Data Loss Prevention, Web Gateway, Critical System Protection, and IT Analytics
•”SEP Manager Web Console” delivers web-based access to SEP Manager in addition to the legacy JAVA console
•”SEP for Mac” provides integrated management and reporting of Mac and Windows clients in the SEP Manager
•Randomizing scan start time improves support for clients in virtualized environments
•The Symantec Endpoint Recovery Tool allows customers to scan and remove malware from client computers that the SEP client is unable to remediate effectively
•Enhanced default Antivirus and Antispyware security settings make SEP more efficient at detecting malware
•Includes over 155 customer reported defects

One of the defects may be one I’ve had a case open on for more than a year.
Auto Location Switching does not recognize 144 Mb/sec 802.11n connections
Fix ID: 1927272
Symptom: Auto Location Switching does not switch a client to a 144Mbs wireless connection
Solution: Added support for a 144Mbps wireless connection.
I’m hopeful that this will solve the location awareness issues when 802.11n is used. I’ve been told that wouldn’t be fixed until RU6MP1. But we’ll see what this does.
Another writeup of on the release is here.