Say that Again

In an episode of Community a couple of week ago Brita was laughed at for pronouncing bagel with with two Gs. (bag- gle) As in, rhymes with “haggle.”
I found it hard to believe that anyone could possibly pronounce it that way and think it was right. (although I’ve sense read a NY Mag recap of the episode and that actually happens in New York.
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Bringing this post back to Information Security, over the years I’ve found that I have words that I can’t say right. But when you generally only see a word on paper you can easily make up your own pronunciation. Then later get embarrassed at the trade shows.
Retina. You’d think since the product is from eEye I’d be able to pronounce it. I always say it Ret-tina.
Ethereal – i always said it ether-real. You know like ethernet. Apparently everyone else says it like the word “lacking in material substance”. Of course now we all pronounce it “Wireshark” so its not such an issue anymore.


  1. Really? Retina the program isn’t pronounced the same way as the light-sensitive membrane in the eye? Searching for “retina” and “pronunciation” comes up with only your blog, spam and warez sites.
    Personally, I have the same problems with Linux (lie-nucks rather than lin-nucks) and sudo (su-doh vs. sue-doo).

  2. I pronounced the second syllable like the name Tina. Still a habit I cant avoid. Too many years passed before I heard other people say it.
    Daemon is another one. Matt Damon vs demon.

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