Infosec Career Planning

I’ve been thinking a lot about career path and career planning lately. Because of that I’ve noticed a lot of reblogging about the Information Security Career Survey by A number of conclusions have been drawn from that survey. What sticks with me is that most Infosec pros don’t have a career plan.
My issue is that I’ve reached the goals that I had set early in my career and now I’m just drifting. To reach that goal I followed an old article, I think it was in ComputerWorld titled pillars of an Information security career. I worked to gain experience, I got an advanced degree and I got certs. That along with waiting got me where I wanted to be.
So I sit and think, what is it I want to do next. Perhaps I already have my dream job. Good people. Better than average benefits. Telecommuting (note to boss, two days telecommuting would be nice).
That’s when I ran across a video from Louisville Infosec. Lee Kushner spoke on The Seven Habits of a Successful Information Security Career Manager. (Lee is one of the authors of the study). The video seems to be shot from the crowd and who knows what the audience was doing instead of listening. If you can tolerate the audio quality, I found the presentation well done.
Dont let your career just happen to you. Getting to a good place often requires more than luck and waiting for someone else to recognize your talents. Infosec continues to be a popular career choice. You must be able to differentiate yourself. While we still hear of Infosec worker shortages, there is still a lot of competition for the GOOD Infosec jobs. Talent, Networking, and planning are key.