Unicorn sighting

A few weeks ago my officemate posted to Facebook,

I’ve just been told by two different Mac Geniuses that installing an antivirus software could actually make the Mac computer less secure. Unfortunately, both were phone conversations because I’m almost certain they were doing the Jedi mind trick hand motions.

  As I read that, I figured this was Mac users in our company fighting our policy requiring antivirus for Macs. Certainly antivirus can slow a system. And any software can have vulnerabilities. But this wasn’t about that. No this was actual honest to god responses from Apple support. My officemate wanted to know if this was official policy. So he asked for it in writing. That got him escalated to the next level where he was apologetically told it was not Apple’s policy that antivirus is not necessary.

I thought of this today as Graham Cluley tweeted links to a couple of video blogs from last year. Unicorns have been spotted, Malware for the Mac does exist. Now to be fair these examples are largely social engineering. Just because it’s not a zero day doesn’t mean the systems isn’t owned. Fake Codecs and Fake anti-maiware aren’t the exclusive providence of Microsoft Operating Systems.



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  1. The bigger the carrot the harder they fall. That is, the more people think they’re getting a great deal (porn, HDTV) the quicker they’ll let down their guard and actively participate in corrupting their systems. Down to awareness again and people being the weakest link if they aren’t aware.

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