Shmoocon versus the Snowpocalypse

Shmoocon is this weekend. The city is starting to look like something from The Day After Tomorrow.

I live in the DC suburbs, and had considered grabbing a hotel room to take part in what has to be the craziest Shmoo ever. The hotel rates when I checked online were lower than the Shmoo rate. But then I’d still have to pay an insane rate for hotel garage parking. And the Donner party jokes were worrying me too. I could see the hotel running out of food and everything else being closed.

I drove into Ballston on Friday. In December Metro closed the above ground stations without a lot of warning. I knew they’d do it again if snow got to 8 inches, Ballston is the last underground station on the Orange line. Metro didn’t close the above ground lines until 11 pm so that move was unnecessary. The drive back from Arlington out to Clifton was fun.

Today there is no way I’m getting out, so I’m watching what I can on live streaming. I’ll review my notes from yesterday and post if I can come up with anything semi-coherent.