Use Facebook Apps? Time for a Password Change

RockYou was hacked a couple of weeks ago and over 35 million passwords were stolen. RockYou may have your password if you’ve played any of their Social Networking Applications on sites like Facebook or MySpace. Their applications include

  • Slideshow
  • Uploadphoto
  • Photofx
  • Glittertext
  • Funnotes
  • Countdown
  • Superhug
  • Myspace layouts
  • Stickers
  • Superwall
  • Pieces of flair
  • Speedracing
  • Likeness
  • Hugme
  • Birthday cards

Pieces of flair seems like one I’ve seen my friends using. Depending on the application, RockYou may have had your Facebook or Webmail password. RockYou recommends that you change passwords for any online service where you’ve used the same password disclosed to them.
In the last day, I’ve seen a massive spike in the number of friends who have had their Gmail account hacked and spam sent to contacts in the address book. Its not necessarily connected to the RockYou attack, but its worth mentioning. The hacker briefly posted the full database online for anyone to download. So its not surprising that people would get hit.

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  1. We see lot of apps getting developed everyday, there is strong security holes which can be defaced for hacking many accounts.

    I am more worried about apps for android & Facebook. Because they are directly exposing personal info & email accounts associated with them !!!

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