GuardianEdge Announces Hardware Based Encryption Support

GuardianEdge put out a press release this week announcing Encrypted Drive Manager. This software will allow you to managed hardware encrypted hard drives as well as drives encrypted with GuardianEdge Hard Disk all from one platform. This will be released in Q2 2010. When I was evaluating GuardianEdge in 2007 they talked about these features so its nice to see it finally (soon to be) making it to market.
Hardware based encryption may finally be ready to ignite. The Trusted Computing Group has been working on standards so its not such a mishmash. Performing the encryption on hardware keeps the encryption keys out of memory so it isn’t vulnerable to cold boot attacks. There isn’t a CPU performance penalty as there can be with software encryption. Wiping a drive is as simple as removing the encryption key.
The main problem has been manageability. You need to be able to corporately manage accounts on the hardware encrypted drive just as you do with the software encryption. It has to be enterprise ready. Its necessary to be able to manage both software and hardware based Full Disk Encryption and GuardianEdge is going to allow for that.
I anticipate a time when the drives we order in our standard systems will all be hardware FDE capable and managed by GuardianEdge.

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  1. I have a maxtor external hard drive on my computer, when I was station to out Norfolk Va. Sight I took the hard drive with me and now I am back at our Dam Neck Virginia, I am unable to open any of my files. I just drug the files from My computer in Norfollk to My hard and now. I have a red or Yellow lock on all my files. And of course I don’t remember my password. Is there anyway you will be able to reset the password on this hard drive?drug my files from My computer in Norfollk to My hard and now i can’t open any of the files, I have a red or Yellow lock on all my files.


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