Facebook non-privacy settings

Facebook has rolled out new security settings this week. It seems designed to confuse and lead people into sharing more info than ever.
If you are one of the 20% of Facebook users who as adjusted their privacy settings previously than Facebook will make your old settings the default but encourage you to change it. For everyone else the default security permission is Everyone. In an effort to be more like twitter they want your status updates available to everyone, not your friends, not friends of friends, not your networks, not even just authenticated users. Every anonymous Internet user including search engines will be able to read your status updates. Like twitter data, anything you post could be mirrored permanently somewhere else.
Of course the best policy is to not post anything to the internet you wouldn’t want public knowledge. Web 2.0 security just isn’t that trustworthy.
Graham Cluley has a good blog entry and video on his blog regarding these new Facebook privacy settings. That is geared for the average end user. Dont forget to check application privacy as well. I found that applications my friends use could see my Birthdate. Not cool.
I was rather perturbed to find that I can’t restrict the world from viewing the Pages where I’m a fan. These fan pages announce my beliefs, affiliations and preferences. Facebook says Everyone gets to see your “publicly available information. This includes your Name, Profile Picture, Gender, Current City, Networks, Friend List, and Pages.” I was kind of hoping this meant that there was a place where I could make that information not public. Unfortunately that is not the case. Check out this posting from the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). According to the EFF, Facebook says my membership in a Page was already visible on a page so its not different. I certainly see a difference. While before you might take the time to see if I was a member of a few controversial Pages, now you can see all my pages. Hopefully this will change and I can make Page membership non-public.
If you use Facebook, take a moment to review your privacy settings