Do you have backups?

You dont have backups unless you have successfully recovered from them. Sometimes you just have to learn lessons the hardway if you dont take the time to learn them from others.
I’ve heard a lot of commercials lately pushing Mozy or Carbonite that pretty much guarantee that everyone has a hard drive failure at some point. This month the hard drive in my Dell Optiplex 755 at work gave up the ghost. Two weeks short of its end of lease. Very frustrating. But it was about to get more frustrating.
The enterprise desktop backup product we use is configured to backup the user profile, c:\data and c:\lotus. Unfortunately Vista is not a standard supported operating system at work, and the backup admin made a mistake when he configured the backup product to backup c:\users. It didn’t backup my user profile at all. So all I have is the backup I made in July when I migrated from XP to Vista. So I’m out quite a bit of work.
This really makes me wonder about all of my data. The trust is just gone right now. For my work computers, Should I be using Windows Easy Transfer to backup my files on a regular basis. Should I just take a ghost image on a scheduled basis, so I can recover easily? Hmmm, side note, I should check the software inventory for evidence of users performing rogue backups with Carbonite/Mozy etc.
For my home computer, I realize that only using Mozy’s free service I have a lot of mp3s and photos not backed up. That is important stuff to me. I also have never tested recovering even one file from Mozy. Need to do the due diligence.
Well, anyway if you’ve read all this and you want to check out Mozy for your home backups click on this link. We’ll both get 256MB extra storage space once you start using Mozy. Like I said though, I”d suggest verifying even a rudimentary recovery.
Its so easy to assume that things work correctly. Most of us dont have the time to verify that other people have done their jobs correctly. But when its going to really hurt if backups fail, it doesn’t take that long to do a test restore. Particularly if you have access to initiate the restore yourself.

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  1. MozyHome works pretty well for me – on both Mac and PC. Their 2nd level support is good.
    Use the following link to get 20% more space on a free MozyHome 2 Gb account:
    [edited – to remove link. For obvious reasons I’d rather they’d use the refer code in the link I already have in the body of my post. thanks, the management]

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