A Little Respect Regarding Reblogging

I noticed this week that a site out there is using wp-o-matic to present my work as his own information security blog.
Some people incorrectly think that a RSS feed is a permanent license to do whatever you want with content. Its not. While it doesn’t look like it, I do spend a lot of time on posts trying to make them semi-literate. Reposting withing credit or link-back steals my Google juice. Without attribution they are clearly plagiarizing my work. Not cool.
I think that presenting my work as his own is a violation of the CISSP ethics.
I may need to put a footer on each post in the RSS feed. “This post and more like it are available at Roger’s Infosec Blog www.infosecblog.org”
If you’re interested in learning more about your rights as a blogger regarding plagiarism check out CopyScape
This post is not about the people who have asked and the people who do link back. I appreciate that you like my work and provide some traffic back my way.


  1. He was referring to my blog, which I won’t even link because I feel so bad. Indeed, I was trying to setup wp-o-matic for a bunch of sites to make a centralized “best of” for the community. Like most of my “great ideas” I started, I got distracted, never set it up correctly and didn’t care enough to go back and fix it. My bad Roger. You provide a great service to the information security community and I sincerely apologize. The best I can do now is promise you that it won’t happen again.

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