SEPM Upgrade Travails

Last night I started upgrading Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0.4 to 11.0.5. I’ve been doing these upgrades since 7.0.1 and they rarely go smoothly this one did not disappoint. As with most of these debacles, the development server upgraded without an issue.
The production server looked like it installed cleanly until I went to start the SEPM service after the install. The service exited immediately after installing. I searched and (support forums and knowledgebase). I got some logs to check and things to verify, I did a repair install multiple times. Ultimately I didn’t see a solution.
Initiated the disaster recovery procedures documented in the knowledgebase (and in a corporate document I wrote). First I made sure that my backed up keys and passwords were still good. Then I uninstalled SEPM, and reinstalled it. As it was approaching 3:30 AM I decided to let the database restore run while I slept.
The next day I continued the DR procedures and found the GUI wouldn’t allow me to use what I thought the database password was. I unnecessarily went down the road to change the password through ODBC. It turned out I was using the wrong password. (which happened to use characters the GUI would not allow)
Once the database password was found, I had a new problem. I was restoring from a backup of the database. Of course the database has an old schema. I tried a couple things to get it to upgarde. I believe it was a upgrade.cmd file that did the trick.
At that point I was able to log into SEPM, I verified that my configuration was still there and my clients were able to report in.
The (hopefully) last little piece of this stuggle was finding 11.0.5 missing under client install packages. I believe the database restore was what caused that to go missing. I found instructions to manually import.

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