Cisco buys ScanSafe

I was surprised to read this evening that Cisco is buying ScanSafe.
I have been evaluating Web SaaS venders and looked at ScanSafe in September. To me ScanSafe has always been the market leader in web security as a service. I just had some issues that prevented us from going with them. According to a techtarget article, this purchase brings Cisco into the Web SaaS market and should play with their IronPort. I hope this purchase improves both companies.
As was stated when Barracuda bought Purewire, this validates the web SaaS market. It seem to repeat the recent acquisition phase of email SaaS venders. Is Zscaler now the odd man out, not yet having found a dance partner? I think not. There are still plenty of companies that think they need to buy into a SaaS presence.