Adobe Acrobat and Reader 9.1.3

Adobe Acrobat and Reader updates came out on July 31st as you no doubt already know. I believe I tweeted that but didn’t do a longer post.
I find myself wondering if Gartner or Forrester have done a survey of FoxIT Reader adoption. Is that all security noise or is a significant number of companies making the switch? I find myself wondering what obscure processes would break if I moved the enterprise to FoxIT Reader for security purposes.
Adobe has implemented security initiatives similar to Microsoft’s Secure Development Lifecycle. However, I kind of expect not to see the benefit of that for quite a while. Its like when people expected XP sp2 to be the fully formed implementation of Microsoft security initiative. Some things you have to develop more from the ground up, a service pack doesn’t do it. So when does Adobe Reader 10 come out?
Adobe continued their habit of issuing incremental updates. Its nice to have smaller updates. As I recall 9.1.3 was about 1.5 MB and a full install of Reader might be 85 MB. Incrementals however it creates update issues. As Secunia writes, if you go to Adobe and install Reader, you get 9.1. After installation you can open Adobe Reader and you should be prompted to upgrade. In my experience with Acrobat, you might be prompted to reboot after each incremental update. Oh joy. Has anyone tried to slipstream the updates into 9.1?
The other fun part occurs with corrupt installations. I have some Reader 9 installs where Adobe Reader isn’t listed in Add/Remove programs so the update isn’t pushed by ConfigMgr. Then if I manually create the reg key the update will not apply, says it isn’t needed. The only solution is to install 9.1 full and then you can patch. I suppose the good news is if the Reader 9 install is that munged maybe the user wont be able to open the program.
So Adobe patching seems like a full time job lately, no?
Do you guys have a lot of Acrobat Standard and Professional installed in the enterprise? Does I.T. patch it or is the onus on the user since its not deployed on every system the way Reader is.


  1. I have the problem of getting a msg. saying that it can’t read or print a msg. because of zapfdingbats will not print properly. I tried un-stalling Adobe 9.1.3 and it won’t allow me to do so. Is there a patch to correct this or what ?

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