Erin Andrews Malware

Erin Andrews apparently is a sideline reporter for ESPN. I hadn’t heard of her before tonight. The story is some tool used a peephole reverse viewer (allows a person ouside a door to use the peephole to look in) and a camera to record her in a hotel room without her knowledge. This is obviously both illegal and not cool. The video was posted to youtube before lawyer letters were sent demanding the take down.
The news of this has ignited a mad mad search of the internet for copies of the video that may have been downloaded and reposted other placed before Google was able to comply with the removal request.
As with most big name events, malware is involved. Searching for Erin Andrews keyhole will likely lead you to attempts to install malware. Just a reminder, its not cool to make or watch upskirt videos. This is on that level. Another reminder, when you go to watch a video be very suspicious if you are prompted to install software. Get your media players and codecs from known sources!