Symantec IM Manager Upgrade

On Saturday I upgraded to the latest release of Symantec IM Manager, 8.4.11. This version includes limited support for Microsoft Live Messenger 2009. Prior to this upgrade users with this client could not log into Live Messenger from our network
The install went pretty clean. Before starting I had pruned the database to hold only the past 90 days of data. I backed up the database and the upgrade went like butter.
I updated the SSL cert used by AIM, the old cert was about to expire. I had a bit of a problem with importing the new cert. The problem was caused by NTFS permissions on the location where the certificates get installed.
The event log showed an error “error returned from calling imadminrunscheduledreport asp page=400”. What happened is the reporting pages use “localhost” instead of hostname to access the IIS webserver. IM Security is configured with two IP addresses and the IIS is only on one IP instead of all IPs. This means the server doesn’t listen to requsts for Once I added that, it worked again.
Took a while to work through a few things that cropped up, but not too much trouble.