Gartner Information Security Summit

I’m at the Gartner Information Security Summit in National Harbor for the first part of this week. The next few blog entries will be notes from the talks I attended.
I’m a bit surprised to be paying $18 a day to park outside the beltway. (National Harbor’s website claims $11, I guess the hotel garage is more). It will be reimbursed, but still its annoying.
I wonder if there is a lot of crossover between people at this conference and people at Shmoocon? It gave me a chuckle anyway. Probably shouldn’t break out the “I hack charities” t-shirt for this Gartner conference.
As I feared, the usual lack of power options was in full effect. In one room, I was able to right by outlets, in another only folding walls were nearby. I didn’t see any power. Looks like my decision to not bring a laptop today was a good one. I’d love to use the tablet for handwritten notes, but at this point the battery life is barely an hour. My mini has some great battery life, but I’m not sure the small keyboard would allow me to take notes very fast. No big deal, its better to not have to protect a laptop.