Debra Wheatman on How to Sell Yourself to Management

The second talk I attended on Sunday at the Gartner Information Security Summit was Debra Wheatman on How to Sell Yourself to Management. Debra is the Chief Career Strategist with ResumesDoneWrite.
At work one of our stated goals is “to grow and live the $company brand.” In this talk Debra reminds us “You’re always selling something.” I should be worrying about my brand. Do I have PR agents who are repeating the news of my success? Am I consistently putting forward a good image?
The concept of a career map was new to me. Basically its determining where I am and establishing short term goals. Since finishing a Masters in Computer Science in 2006, I’ve been coasting a bit. My progress at work seems to have been side-tracked. Creating a career map sounds like the sort of thing that would help me think some things through. I am going to Google to get more on that.
You may find upon creating a career map, that your dream job or desired role doesn’t exist in their organization. When this happens there are two possibilities; build a case for creating the post or get out. Changing the status quo is not easy.
The bulk of the time was spent on discussing the resume, the cover letter, and interviews. In spite of all I’ve read on resumes I got some new ideas. I have enough trouble writing a few sentences for the ‘about me’ on this blog or on linkedin.
Probably the thing I’ll remember most from this talk was the suggestion that its ok to ask what their budget is. Its funny, they would essentially ask you the same question, yet it will be awkward when the applicant asks.

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  1. These are awesome ideas you have posted about resume composition. Professional people’s resumes are all different (as it is a representation of you as a professional) so a resume template only should serve to guide you in crafting it.

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