Cox (Lack of ) Communications

Its nice that my cable and telephone company Cox is fixing a few their security problems, but it would be nice if they’d let people know that the ability to be more secure is available. Back in July 2007 I wrote about Cox adding POP3 over SSL. In November 2008, I wrote about Cox enabling SMTP/SSL. So I kind of laughed when I saw a Cox customer “Dave” complaining in that not only did Cox not make a general announcement regarding these new features, their instructions are inconsistent in offering the option. Vista instructions include the secure options, Mac instructions did not.
I guess Cox figures that the few customers who know what this feature does will keep up on Cox news by reading forums. I admit, I figured it was Dave’s fault for not keeping up with the news. Then it happened to me.
In March 2008, I wrote about my displeasure that Cox was putting my PIN number on my bill. I wrote Cox, explaining that I felt this was poor security. This month while checking out my Cox account settings, I found there is now an option to suppress including the PIN on the bill! After making the change, my bill now shows xxxx instead of the actual PIN. So now I’m echoing Dave. Why didn’t you tell me this option, and why is insecure the default choice?