At work, they’ve implemented a lockdown. They’ve enabled the badge readers and locks on doors as you leave the elevator lobby on each floor or come off the stairs. There is some construction work to be done on the 8th floor, so they want to make sure those workers aren’t visiting other floors and helping themselves to cash left unattended in purses.
My office is pretty close to the elevator lobby, so I get a full day of false alarms.
-Door is opened, short beep as the badge swiped.
-Someone leaves, the seeing eye unlocks the door, it is opened, it swings shut, and beep as the door “bounces”.
– Long beep as some freaking ignoramus pulls on the doors without swiping the badge. If they would release immediately there wouldn’t be an alarm. But no, they keep pulling.
– And then there is regular security alarm that does off a couple times a day as well.
I’m thinking of setting up in the conference room to see what these people are doing wrong. Its not that hard to work a door people.
And I though it was annoying hearing the BING for the elevator all day.