Wireless AutoSwitch XPV

Sase Sham has released a new version of Wireless AutoSwitch to support the upcoming Windows 7 release. It also supports Windows XP and Vista.
Wireless Autoswitch disables the wireless card when a wired connection is detected. Having multiple network connections is a security concern and it can also cause connectivity problems.
I evaled this product a while back, and it was kind of like the Holy Grail for me. I’d been searching for a solution like this for a long time. Ultimately, Symantec Endpoint Protection was released and I was able to approximate this solution and didn’t purchase this.
If you dont already have a software solution to disable wireless cards when wired connections are made, I’d suggest checking out Wireless AutoSwitch XPV.


  1. Some HP notebooks have this feature built into their BIOS. It’s a worthwhile feature, unless you’re trying to figure out why your wireless doesn’t work…

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