Mozy and Flight 1549

We’re all familiar with the story of Flight 1549’s landing in the Hudson River. This week’s Mozy newsletter told a story of two sets of Jones (sorry, obscure Big Tent Revival reference). One man performed backups by copying files from one computer to another. He also used USB drives. The second man used online backup from Mozy.
After the plane crashed the first man lost both computers and the USB drives. The second man contacted Mozy and received the backed up date on DVD in four days.
Mozy of course is pushing this story to get their name out. Its been carried by a USA Today Technology Blog and at ComputerWorld. I’ve seen some people charge that it is somehow creepy to be using this in advertising. I disagree. First of all, no one died. Second, war stories have a way of getting through to people in a way that no amount of cajoling can accomplish.
I do kind of wonder about the details of this story. A Computer Associates employee lost 250 GB of data due to a haphazard backup scheme. Don’t they use their own products? (lol perhaps that was the problem). The guy was a consultant. It should make you wonder if your backup software works for people that are constantly on the road. Does your security system and software patching work for road warriors.
If you’re not using a backup solution, check out Mozy, Home users get 2 GB backup for free. If you click on this link and start using Mozy (signup, install and backup files), we’ll both get an extra 256MB of free backup space on top of the 2 GB.
I know, I’m at risk of sounding like a commercial. This something I used and a story that I liked.


  1. Great Story!! Mozy is great but it lacks some important features for me since I mostly backup external HDD, network drives and USB drives from both my Pc and Mac. That’s why I changed my provider to SafeCopy backup ( It allows me to do the above features plus I can share the same account for both my Mac and Pc.

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