ISA 2006 and Forms Based Authentication

I’ve been working on upgrading ISA 2004 to ISA 2006 (on new hardware as well). We use SecurID authentication at ISA, and then Forms Based Authentication on the Front End OWA server. While this had worked fine with ISA 2004, it didn’t work at all under 2006.
A quick Google found one post on a Microsoft forum with the same problem. Their conclusion was that this was not possible. The poster cited a ISA 2006 book as saying it was an either/or situation. “You can’t do Forms Based Authentication on both ISA and OWA.”
Fortunately, I searched a bit more and found a solution.
I found I already had files newer than those in the referenced patch. By running the script and configuring OWA publishing as a regular web publishing object, I was able to get it to work.