BlueCoat ProxyClient

I’ve been interested in extending HTTP security out to our remote users. When users are in the office their HTTP traffic is antivirus scanned and URL filtered. When remote, they only have desktop antivirus to protect them. As more and more users are mobile, I think it is important to address this.

BlueCoat offers a ProxyClient that can provide traffic acceleration and URL filtering. The URL filtering occurs the same way as with K9 or with a Phishing filter. The URL is sent to their servers and categorized then allowed or blocked accordingly.

Location based rules are created so that acceleration or URL filtering is enabled as appropriate.

I quickly found that the release notes weren’t kidding. SMB signing is incompatible with CIFS acceleration. I was hoping that the traffic would still be accelerated through compression and byte caching. My tests seemed to show that traffic was a bit slower when acceleration was enabled.

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