Adobe 9.1

You should already know this but Adobe released the 9.1 update. This patch needs to be deployed ASAP. Updates for 8 are expected by March 18th. I’m not sure if updates for 7 will come out then or later.

I checked SMS and found that around 10% of our systems have Adobe Reader 9. Our standard is 8.1.3. After I packaged 9 for deployment, I was told that Adobe Reader 9 has a conflict with another application we use. So I’m a bit surprised that this many systems would have 9.

So it looks like I’m going to have to deploy Adobe Reader 8 and 9 updates. For Reader, Adobe didn’t release a MSP, so it’s a full upgrade.

Adobe does release a MSP for Acrobat, the update is only a single increment. So to upgrade from 8.0.0, several patches must be applied. I hadn’t realized that until this week. We’ve been giving users some bad instructions.