PowWeb Mass Hack

I logged into PowWeb (my web host)’s forums and found they were majorly owned last night. The powers that be aren’t saying anything at all, but other users are reporting malicious javascript (detected as Psyme) was added to many of their webpages, particularly index pages.
PowWeb reset all passwords used for Ops (their web control panel) and mailed one time passwords to users. They have now removed the viral code added to the user files. They have not reported how this occured.
My sites don’t seem to have been effected at all.


  1. You’re absolutely right -they were hacked. We found 7 lines of script added on to our homepage, removed it, and then later found the last 7 lines of our homepage had been removed (probably from a program powweb ran to remove the bad stuff, which we’d already got rid of).
    Today I called them and they admitted they were hacked, but said nothing was compromised. BS! And I’ve had major email issues today – wasted hours and hours. I checked this AM and no report of problems. Checked this evening and there’s a systems notice “Email problems resolved, thanks for your patience, with a paragraph on it”.
    We have our small business website with powweb, but I’m going to look for another provider -had enough. We’ve had several email probs this past year, and powweb just don’t tell you what’s going on which is maddening.
    Any recommendations for a good web hosting alternative?
    On the web you can’t tell which sites are legit and which are shady self serving rating sites.

  2. I moved to dreamhost. You will find plenty of people bashing them online. All hosts have issues. Lets get this out of the way, Dreamhost was hacked a few years ago as well. Its all in how they solve the problem. I’ve been watching their blog and status website for a while. They announce issues. They take ownership of issues. I can respect that.
    So far my performance has been better than on PowWeb. My main site is using MovableType with static publishing and a MySQL backend. I also really like having SSH now which powweb does not supply. dreamhost also gives you space to backup anything (anything legal). If I recall correctly its 50 Gb of space, not connected to your webspace.
    I know some people who left powweb for 1and1. I think they’ve been happy there. I have never used them myself.
    This was my 6th year with PowWeb. I suffered through the Endurance purchase. I’m not making a quick decision to leave. Its just built up over time. PowWeb does not communicate with customers.
    Hmmm, I should set up a referal number to use when recommending Dreamhost. For now, you can rest assured that this is my opinion and I am not paid for it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Cheers for this article. I’m currently using PowWeb as a host and so far, they seem to be pretty decent. I’m not completely sure, though, what other people’s opinions are about the specifications of the hosting plan they provide, as with some hosts, such as with HostMonster, you may get more.

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