A little housekeeping blog post.
I’m moving webhosts this week. My old host is progressively more annoying. A few years ago the owners sold out to a company that operates many web hosting brands. After quite a bit of migration headache, things seem to have stabalized. Nevertheless, my contract is finally up, and I’ve decided to move on. I have a real problem with the attitudes displayed by the moderators on the hosting companys forum. It was once a place of help. Now all they do is quote “we are not $company employees, contact $company support.” So much for peer to peer help. The last straw for me was when many customers were hacked and the company didn’t communicate beyond forcing a mass password change.
The new host has SSH access which should make routine maintenance a bit easier. They also offer 50 GB of space off for non-website related things like backups.
During the transition, I decided to refresh my style a bit. (although I am worried that this one is used by too many people already). The new style caused my AJAX comments to not work. So we’re back to the default comment submission method. That means more spam in the moderation queue.
So pardon the dust as I find widgets to add/remove.