Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 MR4

SEP11 MR4 release notes have been posted here.
I suspect this is now available on the platinum site. I’ve been told by our sales guy that we should have access to that, but all I can ever get to is fileconnect. Rumor is January 6th for Fileconnect. I’m more interested in the msp update files than the full CD for a full SEPM install. I dont see those on the KB or via FTP right now.
Here’s one fix that I’m waiting for.

Wireless connections at 104Mb/second do not register with Location Awareness as Wireless connections.
Fix ID: 1441489
Symptom: Auto Location Awareness does not work when using 104Mbps wireless network.
Solution: Added 130Mbps/117Mbps to the list that detects when the wireless speed is not stable.

That information would have been helpful to me last week. I wasted quite a bit of time troubleshooting a users problems with 802.11N.
I think I have more issues with smc.exe than rtvscan.exe. However every lowered amount of CPU helps.
Constant 5% Rtvscan CPU usage.
Fix ID: 1389006
Symptom: Constant 5% Rtvscan CPU usage seen from Process Explorer or Task Manager.
Solution: Changed to cache the state of Auto-Protect ,thus reducing excessive calls which gather state information. The state is now updated once on startup, on change notification from Auto-Protect, and occasionally on the main timer, eliminating this issue.

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  1. Hi Rog; I downloaded the CD release for MR4 from fileconnect just last night… Upgrading my desktop took forever. My helpdesk tech said using setup to upgrade his SEPM server took twice as long as installing it in the first place..

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