Microsoft Patch Tuesday

By now you’ve probably read that Microsoft has released patches as scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month.
Hopefully if you’re a home user you have the computer set to update these patches automatically and if you’re a corporate user, your company is on schedule.
When I got up this morning I found that Secunia Personal Software Inspector was giving me a false positive on MS08-072, a Microsoft Word patch. Oddly, PSI was reporting my winword.exe version correctly and it matched the patched version posted in the Microsoft bulletin.
[update] this has been fixed by Secunia.
Its one thing to have false positives in corporate vulnerability scanners. I’m kind of used to those. But this software is targeted at your typical end user. Too many of these and the software will be ignored or uninstalled.
It looks like people need to apply Office 2003 SP3 before they can apply MS08-072. That has nothing to do with my Secunia problems. I’m just noting it because I’m sure there are many companies where there are pockets of computers that missed the service pack. Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 2 — Support Ended October 14, 2008,