Friendly DSNs in Exchange 2008

You had me at EHLO wrote about new functionality introduced in Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1, Rollup 4. Exchange is now offering friendly error messages (DSNs). Oh joy.
While it is a funny write up, I’m reminded of the friendly error messages in Internet Explorer. It exchanges one set of technical mumbo jumbo (that is accurate) for something the user still can’t understand (and is less accurate). That’s not progress.
Worse yet, with IE friendly error messages, a webmaster can still use their own custom error messages overriding the browser choice (by having the custom error exceed a certain size). I only see a way for the admin on the server receiving the DSN to enable or disable this translation.
I guess I should wait to see this in action before passing judgement but it sounds worrysome. We should be able to have a custom error.