Blackberry and S/MIME part 2

Back in June I wrote about the Blackberry and S/MIME.
There was a BES upgrade that fixed the “an unexpected error has occurred” message. We still can’t open attachments on signed or encrypted emails. To me this is a trivial thing, but to the Management this is a horrible horrible thing.
The 4.5 software has been released by some vendors on some models. As expected phones with this software didn’t have the problem with attachments. Although Verizon has not yet released the 4.5 software for the 8830, I downloaded a rogue copy and installed it. It resolved the attachment problem. Unfortunately for me although SecurID for Blackberry was supposed to work on this build, I can’t get it to work.
None of this actually helps. Waiting for Verizon to release 4.5 is like waiting for Godot.