The Doors

At work the doors at the elevator lobby on each floor (other than the first and the cellar) started being propped open. I never saw any official notice that this was an authorized action rather than a rogue one. Scuttlebutt around the office was that someone had put in a suggestion to have the doors propped open. The doors were propped each morning and then unpropped at night (our floor doors are only alarmed at night).
The suggestion box. A method whereby a person can take a few minutes to write an anonymous bag of excrement, light it on fire, ring the doorbell and run away without consequence. Better yet, the suggestion box goes to the CEO, so the victims of the suggestion have to spend hours coming up with a reason why the suggestion sucks and they risk appearing resistive to change.
No one could quite agree on the reason for the doors being propped open. I believe the real suggestion was “the doors are heavy and when I’m carrying a laptop its difficult to open the door.” The other theories were funny but for whatever reason, I found myself very annoyed that the elevator bell could now be heard clearly from my office. The loud cell phone talkers who once gathered in the elevator lobby, now disturbed my work as well.
I had my own list of reasons the elevator door should not be propped open. I never bothered to put in my own suggestion that the elevator lobby doors shouldn’t be propped. Instead I just waited for the next inspection by fire marshall and let him do the dirty work. The doors are no longer propped.

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