Symantec buys MessageLabs

Symantec buys MessageLabs the leader in email security. Press release is here.
I was just talking to my old sales rep last week about ML on the market. It seemed to me that MessageLabs sold its ISP Star to make it easier to sell itself.
There is some good things here. Both Symantec and MessageLabs seem to have top notch anti-virus groups. I hope they dont feel they can eliminate redundancy.
I am concerned based on my past experience when Symantec bought IM Logic. Support immediately dropped from the excellent level that IM Logic maintained to the hit or miss quality of Symantec. I also felt that development slowed significantly for a time.
When Microsoft bought Sybari they added their own antivirus engine and eventually dropped some of the available engines in Antigen(I think I’m remembering that right). I’m not actually sure who MessageLabs is using right now, but I’m sure Symantec AV (crappy as it is) will be in the mix shortly. MessageLabs support has told me in the past which antivirus engines they use in email but they don’t advertise it because they want to be able to make changes to have the most effective defenses.
Here is hoping that the changes will be positive. For the past 5 plus years that I’ve used MessageLabs nothing beats them for email security.


  1. As far as I know, Messagelabs are using F-Secure (which includes the Kaspersky engine too), together with McAfee. Of course, they’ve also got their own ‘Skeptic’ heuristics system which gives them the edge over everybody else.

  2. well thats a nce update regarding symantec and message labs..
    both are the leading security gaints.
    i wonder if symantec could modify some features
    respect to their antivirus product..
    i prefer norton antivirus..
    thats a nce update and article by author above..

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