NRL Employee Pleads Guilty to Computer Theft

Source: Washington Post

A former computer systems administrator for the Naval Research Laboratory pleaded guilty today to a federal charge stemming from the theft of nearly 19,000 pieces of computer and office equipment.

Items were stolen from 1997 until August 2007. 100 personal computers, 167 keyboards, 275 mice, 80 monitors, 187 toner cartridges and nearly 5000 pieces of computer software were stolen. Total cost of the stolen goods is estimated to be $120,000.
Most of the equipment has been recovered by NCIS. The system administrator is likely to get 12-18 months in prison under sentencing guidelines.
How much would it suck to go to jail for a 486 you stole in 1997?
It seems to me that there is a big physical security problem when you can walk with that many computers.