Disable Wireless when Wired Connected

This week Steve Riley of Microsoft wrote that “customers have asked for a way to configure a computer to automatically disable the wireless NIC when Ethernet is in use.” Nevertheless this will not be a feature in Windows 7, the next version of Windows.
Steve writes that this is only a security issue if the user is logged on as administrator and the two networks are routed. Since windows connection bridging isn’t on by default, this is not a issue in his opinion. Of course no one would ever log on as an administrator
When users are connected to both wired and wireless network, the user can experience network problems.
When computers are constantly looking for Ad HOC connections (or alerting you to connection opportunities) it just doesn’t give you that strong secure feeling no matter what Steve says.
I will admit that absent a knowledgeable attacker a context aware personal firewall can effectively stop attacks of this sort.
Based on another blog post of Steve’s I’m wondering if he’s switched sides and now believes in default allow but secure it. I still believe in least privilege. Can anything good come from allowing wireless connections when Ethernet connected? I dont think so. Can anything bad occur when you disable wireless when Ethernet connected? There are some unforeseen consequences. Users with Ware look like they are Ethernet connected all the time unless they bridge the Ware adapters. Also it adds a big of complexity But that is a small price to pay.
I find it nice to not have the media considering articles because our computers connect to the fake AP they set up in the parking lot.
I’ve always said that with a context aware personal firewall, in many cases a more restrictive fw mode will go into place when the non-corporate network connection is detected. But does that mean in a perfect world I dont care that both connections are on? Heck no.