No Chrome for SEP Users

According to a Symantec Knowledge Base article and complaining posters in the Symantec Forums, Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 11 does not work with Google Chrome when the Application and Device portion of SEP is installed.
One workaround is to disable Chrome sandboxing. I’d tend to recommend that over disabling Application and Device Control in SEP. If any of my users were found to be disabling portions of SEP, they would be in violation of company policy regarding circumventing security software.
I used to have problems like this with our old personal firewall. To control what applications can run, the process has to be wrapped up. Some applications dont like that and crash. In the old personal firewall it was as simple as editing a “ignore” line into the configuration file. In SEP, I get the feeling we have to wait for a maintenance patch.


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