WebEX Meeting Manager Exploits

A couple weeks ago a patch came out for WebEx Meeting Manager for Internet Explorer. Symantec’s Security Response Blog is reporting sightings of exploits for this vulnerability in the wild.

Users running the vulnerable version of the Webex control who happened upon a Web site distributing the exploit would become infected. The first exploits that we have seen so far have been served via gaming sites that have had the exploit package injected on to them

Computers will be patched automatically if they connect to a patched WebEx server. Otherwise you can install WebEx Meeting Manager from the WebEx website or just uninstall via Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

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  1. Roger;
    Thanks for this post.
    I got a little nervous when I read it, as I logged into my Fiance’s laptop this afternoon and saw the big WebEx logo on her desktop.
    I removed it from the “msconfig” startup option, but after reading your post, I may just go to the site and install the latest.
    PS, I removed the “require an account” option off my blog for commenting.
    I’ll add OpenID option soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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