iPhone password bypass

Caught up with this one via Digg
Earlier this week Jesus Diaz posted on Gizmodo how to bypass the iPhone login pin/password protection.
Its kind of funny the typical comment response to that article is “who uses a password on their phone anyway.” My opinion is more with the commenter who pointed out that “whether the typical user used a password or not if this was a Microsoft vuln the reaction would be different.”
It is serious. Apple is trying to position themselves as the new Blackberry, not just from the functionality and the coolness, but also the security. They need business customers, otherwise they wouldn’t be licensing ActiveSync. No business that values its data is going to put the data on a phone that doesn’t have encryption (iPhone doesn’t) and doesn’t even have an effective login password.
The article says that rumor is this will be fixed in the next iPhone firmware update. With the Blackberry I’m pretty sure you could push out required updates wirelessly (not positive I”m not a Blackberry admin). With the iPhone you have to ask your users to synch with iTunes (not a iPhone admin either, but thats my understanding).


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